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19, chaussée de la Libération
7911 Hacquegnies Belgique

Tel: +32 496 92 50 92


The Houses


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The Altiplano des Collines is made off 4 houses: Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Peru. The guesthouses are located in Hacquegnies, a little town in Hainaut occidental in the heart of the Pays des Collines’ natural park, very close to the French border. 10 kilometers away from Renaix, 15km from Tournai, 30km from Lille (France), 35km from Mons and 80km from Brussels, the guesthouses are located in the middle of the countryside. The region offers a wide range of activities, visits, discoveries, hikes… The Altiplano offers to its visitors a common backyard and an access to a wooden area where four lamas live in all tranquility. In this area you will find different places fitted for a nice barbecue, campfire… Finally, all the visitors will be able to enjoy a nice sauna at the Altiplano.

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